PCX Computers & Information Systems Ltd

PCX Computers & Information Systems Ltd. (Cyprus)

PCX Computers & Information Systems Ltd. (PCX) was established in 1998 in the beginning of educational reformation due to Technology and World Wide Web development. The vision of the founders and the shareholders of the company, who have more than two decades experience in the field, is the spiritual and cultural technological development of Cyprus and the best positioning of the country in the world wide cultural and social map.


In order to achieve its common vision, the company offers qualitative technology education and continuous training to professionals of Cyprus. At the same time, PCX promotes strategic collaborations with external educational bodies so much for harmonization with international models what for endogenous Research and Growth.


The company’s core business is focused on 3 main lines of expertise:

– Consulting & Advising

– Education & Training

– European projects


The Company stakeholders has more than 20 years of activity in Cyprus and abroad in the new Technologies, Computers, Internet, Multimedia and their applications in Business Technology Solutions and in the Education and Training. PCX offers consulting services for Business Technology Solutions, including software development.


Moreover, a major activity of the company is the operation of its training centre. The training centre, called Cybernet Zenon, is a part of the CYBERNET TRAINING CENTERS network (www.cybernet.ac.cy) with 15 branches around Cyprus. It is the biggest franchise training network in Cyprus.


Website: www.pcxmanagement.eu