“SoftAware: International Cooperation in the Field of Higher Education for Developing Software Talents” is a two-year Erasmus+ strategic partnership project in the field of higher education (01.10.2019 – 30.09.2021).

The project aims to create a transnational partnership between the major actors responsible for IT professionals’ enhancement, namely HE, research centres, employers, professional associations, social partners, VET providers and SMEs in order to foster the development of software talents across Europe through a continuous update of the educational curriculum.

As a result of the project HE students will develop specific up-to-date skills & competences in software technologies and will benefit from enhanced soft skills that will support their better integration in the world of business, including co-worker and customer interaction.

Academic staff will have the chance to update their teaching methods but also check their knowledge and skills against the realities of the business world while IT companies will benefit from the better-prepared HE students to enter the workforce with already developed relevant-to-the-market competences in software.