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The main goal is to create an innovative ICT challenge-based training approach aimed at supporting educators in the process of conveying knowledge, promoting the development of key competences (digital, science, mathematical, etc.) among their students with regards to boosting their performance in these fields and enhancing their digital skills. The specific objectives of the project are promoting high school students’ digital skills through application of challenge-based digital training approach in general school subjects, equipping secondary school teachers with innovative ICT challenge-based training materials to enrich their pedagogic approach, creating prerequisites for educators to create own innovative challenge-based teaching resources through the use of ICT.

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BEGIN –  is an European social innovation project that aims to develop a comprehensive programme that boost HE students soft skills and, at the same time, contribute do diminish the gap between skills in demand in the labor market and the skills offered by HE courses, by promoting a programme of career exploration activities and an initiative to engage into systematic and permanent dialogue HE institutions, employers and all relevant stakeholders: HE students, community, local/regional authorities and other organisations across EU.

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The general aim of AuToMa project was to develop an innovative training approach including curricula and respective tools in the fields of automation, technology transfer and managerial practices for the growth of SMEs, a better employability and the promotion of the entrepreneurship. The target groups of the project were: future entrepreneurs and students who want to develop business in manufacturing sector; entrepreneurs and employees of SMEs who want to improve their qualification or re-qualify, as well as unemployed people who want to gain initial competences; Universities, Research centers and VET trainers that want to improve or update their learning curricula.

AuToMa project addresses the problem of low and incongruous qualification of students and staff employed in SMEs in terms of automation systems and new technologies by an innovative open and online training approach, including two innovative curricula and respective tools in the field of industrial automation and managerial practices.

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The main objective of the ARIALE project was to transfer the AutoMatic project results and adapt them to new countries with regard of sociocultural aspects.

What is more, an additional goal of the project was also to provide a cost-effective, comprehensive training system for SMEs, covering wide spectrum of knowledge with regard to automatisation and robotisation with elements of automated/robotised welding. Elaborated training system comprised eLearning solution, learning methodology, materials and instructions regarding preparation and providing of training.

This project intended to transfer and further develop innovative results of AutoMatic project  and implemented them to e-Learning solution for new European countries and new sectors of industry.

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The DISCOVER  project aim was to develop teaching resources for extra-curricular science education at high-       school level. It seeks to promote collaboration between secondary education and universities by providing resources that can be used or remixed in the implementation of science outreach activities. DISCOVER was focused on the areas of Robotics, Mechatronics, Physical Computing and the synergic combination between Art and Science.

Project results were useful for educators at upper secondary education level (teachers, trainers in non-formal learning programs), secondary education students, and universities and research organizations seeking to enhance their impact on skills development at regional level. Users are able to use the developed resources directly to organize their own training or to modify and re-design them to suit their particular training needs.

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FLOURISH – Facilitating Organisational Innovation

The general aim of FLOURISH project is to support the uptake of organisational innovation by SMEs across Europe through the development, piloting and implementation of a holistic innovation coaching methodology using a multilevel approach – individual, group and organizational.


1) Organisational Innovation Coach for SME – Professional Profile: A concise description of the general scope, key responsibilities, skills, competencies, knowledge, education and training typically required for the occupation of Organisational Innovation Coach for SME.

2) FLOURISH Curriculum, Course and Manual for learners: The FLOURISH Course will provide a learning opportunity, tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. The course will be framed within a creative process, enabling participants to learn by doing, while using a new social technology and creating new outputs, in terms of anticipating the consequences of possible projects.

3) FLOURISH Educational Video: The FLOURISH video will serve the purpose of refresher training, aimed at recalling and reinforcing previously acquired knowledge and skills. It is designed as a self-oriented and distance learning tool.

4) FLOURISH Guide for VET providers: The Guide is a concise and focused methodological document aimed at supporting VET providers in the process of using the FLOURISH training content.

Following the FLOURISH methodology SMEs will be able to introduce new forms of work organisation, ensure stronger employee participation in innovation processes, advance the managerial techniques and draw lessons to build on in their continuous improvement.

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